Created and implemented social programming for First Nations Government by leading a high performing team through significant change. This included some of the following: reforming on-reserve social development in the community, developing early childhood education programs, and, enhancing education and health services.

Jason has extensive experience in fundraising and marketing initiatives for non-profit organizations. This included developing and maintaining websites, applying social media tools and techniques, organizing/hosting events, networking, and interacting with the media.

Developed a strong network with private industries, local, provincial, and federal governments – as well as First Nation governments – with access to decision-makers and senior staff members.  Jason also has experience in creating lasting relationships/partnerships with all levels within organizations and with a diverse range of stakeholders involving local/provincial/national jurisdictions.

About Jason Walker PhD

Jason Walker is an experienced management consultant working in British Columbia, Canada. Currently, Dr. Walker is focusing his research and study efforts on the impact of workplace bullying and sexual harassment.  He is also known for his research involving children and youth mental health in First Nation communities and the implementation of Jordan’s Principle. With over 15 years of leadership experience, Walker has begun to revolutionize the way we think about bullying in our adult years and has successfully presented this research to many in the academic community and organizations in the hopes of impacting how society manages this critical issue in the workplace.

Having studied all over the world, from Li to San Diego, Liverpool and back to Canada, Jason Walker has experienced many different cultures and practices. These experiences have strengthened Jason’s desire to learn more about the human psyche, particularly when it comes to workplace behavior and relationships. His educational journey began with an emphasis in Psychology at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. He continued to study elements of Psychology while working towards his Master’s Degree in Social Work and Child Maltreatment at the University of Toronto. Working towards a bigger goal of bringing positive change to child welfare, Jason began studying for his Ph.D. in Social Work. Soon after obtaining his Ph.D.,  Dr. Walker completed his clinical PsyD at California Southern University and graduated in August of 2018.

Jason Walker’s broad interest in human behavior has given him a unique approach to creating solutions and has opened doors to work with a variety of individuals who have experienced social traumas. Currently, Jason is the Director of Clinical Services and Programs for the Inter Tribal Health Authority. Additionally, Dr. Walker is the Managing Director of Indigenous Social Development InnovationDr. Walker and his team work with First Nation communities in Canada and provide support services in multiple service delivery areas. As well, Dr. Walker and his team work to address serious issues such as suicide and trauma to improve the quality of life of those impacted.  In order to see these improvements, Jason Walker often focused on tackling difficult health, social, and educational issues. In addition to his work within First Nation, Dr. Walker also consults for organizations on complex human resource issues. Here, Jason Walker has specialized in workplace investigations for bullying and harassment, creating and implementing policy and safety reviews, and coaching and mentoring managers through change.

While rewarding, the work was not for the faint of heart, as Dr. Walker has managed serious issues related to child maltreatment, violence, suicide and issues related to trauma providing support and consultation on difficult issues. He relies heavily on his empathetic nature and his experience within the health and human services field to implement practical solutions to the complex problems within these struggling communities. Jason is surrounded by an amazing team of colleagues who help ground him and guide his work as he progresses in his career.

Over the course of his career, Jason has received praise from his colleagues and from industry leaders. He has received the Medal of Honour as part of The Canadian Volunteer Award/Governor General Caring Hands Award, and was named to The Priory of Canada, The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem for life-saving and was awarded the Order of St. John.

Dr. Walker’s research in the field of Industrial Organizational Psychology, as well as issues involving inequities in health and social services amongst Indigenous People in Canada, has also given him the chance to publish his own findings. His work has been seen in local and international publications, including a notable piece entitled Workplace Bullying and the Impact on Mental Health, featured in the International Journal of Arts and Science Special Conference in Munich, Germany.

What Jason Walker is most passionate about is making a difference in the lives of others. He believes in dreaming big, doing what’s right not what’s easy and finishing what you start. This takes time, as changing the way we think about something is much harder than changing the way we do something. The intention of any action is key, and Jason is dedicated to developing more research to make contributions to the literature on critical issues impacting today’s society.

Here, Dr. Walker continues his research into workplace bullying and the human psyche. Stay connected with Jason as he releases new blogs and industry updates by visiting his blog page.

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