The Work is Too Much

There is a difference staying busy and drowning in work. When you feel like you are constantly behind in your work, it can seem unattainable to finish your work within an allotted time. Too much work can make anyone feel anxious or depressed. If you are staying late every day or taking work home, your workload is just too much.

You Are Showing Physical Signs of Anxiety

If you are experiencing stomachaches, headaches, appetite changes, or panic attacks, you are experiencing the symptoms of anxiety.  These symptoms don’t just happen on their own. It is how your body communicates with you and tells you that something is wrong. If you experience these symptoms while getting ready for work, it’s a strong indication that your workplace is causing your anxiety.

There is Constant Gossip 

Every office you go to, there is sure to be some gossip, but that doesn’t mean you have to participate. Gossip does more harm than good, it can create false rumors and make others feel excluded. If someone is engaging in gossip, try changing the subject or walking away.

Workplace Bullying is Evident

Whether you are the victim or a bystander, bullying or harassment can affect everyone. Any emotional or physical abuse should not be tolerated in a work environment. If bullying in the workplace is not put to a stop, many employees can be affected on a negative level.

People Are Quitting 

If you feel like you are in a toxic work environment, chances are your other coworkers feel the same. To get out of the environment as fast as possible, you will find more and more people are writing resignation letters and leaving the organizations. If you notice that there is a constant stream of people leaving, it’s a good indication that the environment is too toxic.