4 Workplace Bullies You May Already Work With


In most organizations, you will find a workplace bully. A bully at work can be incredibly damaging to your office environment causing a loss of productivity, higher turnover, and create a toxic company culture.  In fact, close to 20% of the working population have experienced bullying in the past 6 months – if you are a first responder that number rises to between 40-60%.


Workplace bullies come in a variety of types. Dr’s. Gary and Ruth Namie have summarized the different tactics that bullies apply against workers and have grouped them into four major categories including the Screaming Mimi, the two-headed snake, the constant critic and the gatekeeper.


The Screaming MiMi


When we think of a bully, the Screaming Mimi is the most common type to come to mind. Although this is the rarest type of bullying, you can still find the Screaming Mimi within the workplace. This bully is loud, aggressive and favors throwing objects. They prefer public spaces to humiliate their targets to instill fear in employees. Often you will find the Screaming Mimi going on a tirade and argue that they are right and you are wrong no matter the situation.


The Two-Headed Snake


At first, this bully may seem to be non-threatening. You may have even considered this person to have been your friend at one point. After confiding and trusting this person, you will find that this bully to turn against you, steal your credit, and tarnish your reputation.


The Constant Critic


The Constant Critic will find any opportunity to nit-pick your performance. Even after you have received stellar performance reviews and glowing recommendations, the Constant Critic will find a way to turn your positives into a negative. This bully targets someone who is a veteran in the workplace and is well liked but others.


Their primary objective is to crawl into the psyche of their target and turn a confident person into a timid person. They will go out of their way to prove that you are incompetent at your job.


The Gatekeeper


The Gatekeeper will try to deny you of the resources that you need to succeed in your job. When you fail, this bully will relish in your failure. They will try to make your job as difficult as possible by providing the wrong information or withholding vital information. This bully creates unrealistic deadlines to impose unrealistic stress upon their target.


Keep in mind that your workplace bully may not fit exactly with these types. A skilled bully can encompass all of these types in a day, an hour, or even while dealing with a target.