As much as we are in the 21st century, bullying is one of the things that have blatantly refused to age out of our society. There still exist rampant instances of bullying in workplaces where bullies terrorize fellow workers with intents of instilling fear in them. Both verbal, nonverbal and physical bullying and harassment behaviors in our places are predominant. Here are some reasons as to why people bully their fellow workers in the workplace.


  1. Feelings of insecurity


Whenever new workers arrive at the workplace, tenured and existing workers normally tend to feel threatened that they will most likely be edged out. New employees can bring a fresh set of eyes to the team and provide a new skill set that other employees might not have. While leadership often welcomes the opportunity to gain a new perspective and expand their team, tenured employees may not feel the same.

Since the old workers have an added advantage of the knowledge of the surroundings in the workplace, they generally tend to intimidate the newcomers as a way of containing and suppressing them. If their motives are effective, the bullying tends to cause the new workers to compromise their hard work just in order not to cross the bullies’ path.


  1. Absence of anti-bullying policies


In workplaces where the management has not put in place a proper workplace bullying policy, members of the workforce become highly vulnerable to being bullied. Bullies utilize such a loophole to create anarchy and get away with it since no existing regulations can internally punish them or have them reported to law enforcement.


  1. Jealousy for success


In cases where particular workers perform excellently and become famous to their bosses, the chances are that a few members of the workplace will feel intimidated and thereby develop jealousy. They resort to bullying the performers as a response to their jealousy in order to undermine them, thereby preventing them from possibly enjoying the potential rewards they would have gotten from their hard work.


  1. Establishing social dominance and fame


Sometimes, bullies in the workplace target establishing social dominance in fashions similar to what we see on the streets where gangs terrorize other people to dominate them. Bullies will, therefore, tend to target women and vulnerable individuals as a way of causing them to submit to their authority. The dominance enjoyed by the bullies comes with some informal benefits such as instances where they compel their victims to work on their behalf.